weekend brunch: tofu frittata

I love the frittata recipes (like this Shiitake Dill Frittata) in Vegan Brunch, especially because they give ideas for frittata "bases" that you can improvise off of.
For instance, I made Zucchini and Dill Frittata by swapping out the shiitakes with zucchini, but I've also made it with broccoli and no dill, or with cauliflower or chard (also from frittata recipes in the book). But one thing I don't like about the Vegan Brunch frittata recipes is that they recommend you use a glass pie plate to bake them! This "glass pie plate frittata" stuff doesn't fly with me. Frittatas get the BEST "crust" when made in a cast-iron skillet (as I did, above). You can see the nicely browned edges in my photo above; a pie plate wouldn't give you quite the same crispiness.

My cast-iron skillet is my best buddy in the kitchen, especially at brunch time. The ability to go from the stove top to the oven to the table is one of my favorite things about cast iron in general. I think that after my knife and chopping board, the cast-iron skillet gets the most use out of anything in the kitchen.

What about you? What's your favorite kitchen ware? What do you use for any and every recipe you can?


Végébon said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your pan ! As a child, my mother would seem too heavy, plus it didn't have a second handle and lip like yours. So I may consider buying one when my actual pan will be too scratched (it's a non stick one). What are the trips and tricks whenusing a cast iron pan ?

As for my favorite kitchen appliance, I think it's my Personal blender... I use it to make green smoothie (for express breakfasts), almond powder, nut milk, applejuice (blend apple with water, then filter using a nutmilk bag), grinded cinnamon, datte paste (a favorite sweetener), etc.
Don't know how I ever lived before getting it ;-).