weekend brunch: cinnamon rolls

The Cinnamon Rolls from Vegan Brunch are amazing. You will eat more of them than you suspect.
Though I have made a ridiculous number of recipes from Vegan Brunch, I held off on the cinnamon rolls for too long. See, I really think of them as a breakfasty food, and yeasted breads are not easy to have warm and fresh and out of the oven for breakfast, since they take so darn long. But! Letting the dough do its first rise overnight leads to fairly quick preparation in the morning.

Also, when recipes tell you to sift your powdered sugar, sift your powdered sugar. I didn't for the icing, and you can see the little clumps of sugar that remained. The clumps are tasty, but not as photogenic.


panda with cookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Heh. Sometimes I get clumpy powdered sugar too. I wish I had a roll on this rainy morning.

Végébon said... Best Blogger Tips

I am a huge fan of Vegan Brunch but havent't tried this recipe YET... But now I absolutely need to try it :).

samia87 said... Best Blogger Tips

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