Your Vegan Mom's Kimchi Grilled Cheese

The fiance and I figured that planning a small wedding with a short engagement would be easy. It turns out that planning a wedding is a little stressful and very time-consuming, regardless of the size! Add to that our busy work schedules and our attempts to still, you know, have a life, and we've ended up with very little down time in the last few weeks. Which means little time to experiment in the kitchen! I've been focusing on fast meals lately. And comfort food, to help with stress!

Enter grilled cheese. I never particularly cared about grilled cheese one way or another as a kid, so I didn't miss it when I went vegan or anything like that, but we've bought Daiya fairly recently for pizzas (it's been a comfort food kind of month, I'm telling you! I'll write about the pizzas tomorrow, probably), and it's just expensive enough that I like to use it all before it molds. Voila, grilled cheese!
Plain grilled cheese doesn't really do it for me, but Your Vegan Mom recommended kimchi with grilled cheese as a graet comfort food. Since I've just made another batch of my nightshade-free kimchi, I had to give it a shot.

As you can see, we've made it twice now; once with the "cheddar" daiya and once with the "mozzeralla." I think I like the cheddar better, but the difference in flavor could have been the kimchi, since I used different batches on each occasion.

My mother pointed out that grilled cheese and sauerkraut would probably be just as tasty, for those of you who don't feel like making/acquiring kimchi.

Thanks, Your Vegan Mom, for a little tip on reinventing comfort food! And readers, what's some of your favorite comfort food? With 12 days left till the wedding, I could use some new comfort food ideas!


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

I looove kimchi. And sandwiches. And Daiya. I'm sure I would love this.

January J. Johnson "JJ" said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE grilled cheese! What a great alternative.

JL goes Vegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this idea! I have (store-bought) kimchee on hand, fresh-baked bread and Daiya cheddar in the freezer. This smells like dinner to me! Woot!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG ........YUM, this was great! I love Kimchi and try to eat a few fork full everyday, but never thought to put in grilled cheese. M at Twitter#Veganfork

JL goes Vegan said... Best Blogger Tips

@JL goes Vegan

I gave you some link love on the blog today!

CraftyEarthMama said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw this on JL goes Vegan and had to track it down. I oing looove kimchi and never thought of doing this. Yum!

Sarah P said... Best Blogger Tips

@JL goes Vegan Thanks for the link!

It's funny how simple an idea it is, but how awesome it tastes! Thanks again to Your Vegan Mom for the original idea.

coldandsleepy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man. I want to eat that right now. Kimchi plus grilled sandwich = two of my favorite things of all time in the same place. Thanks for passing the idea on! I don't read blogs much outside of MoFo (shamefully said) so I would never have seen YVM's post.