Veggie Galaxy's lemon meringue pie

Last month, Veggie Galaxy, a new vegetarian restaurant, opened up down the street from where we live. It has a diner-style menu, and the desserts and baked goods are all vegan. We've been there a few times so far. People with food allergies might have some problems, since MANY of their ingredients are prepped/made in advance, but the food is really good and pretty inexpensive, and the employees were committed to helping me find something I could eat.

I'll write more about them later, but the main reason I wanted to talk up Veggie Galaxy: their Lemon Meringue Pie.
That's right. Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie.
Some more meringue-y goodness for you.

The desserts and baked goods are my favorite part; everything tastes really good, and the baker/pastry chef is really serious about making really good baked goods that "just happen to be vegan." The whole place is like that. If you're in the Boston area, definitely check them out, and save room for dessert!


Meggie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my GOD that looks delicious!