vegan yum yum's No Name recipe!

This week will be a little light in terms of posts, since the wedding is Saturday (!) and we're a liiiiiiittle bit busy with all that. But I thought that for the rest of this week, it would be nice to post foods that relate to our relationship.


Before I met the fiance, I'd never dated another vegan. And then for our first date, we went to a vegan restaurant and shared our food. I hadn't realized until then how important it was to me that I could share meals with the person I was with, but it was great! As were all of our dates. (Awwww.)

ANYWAY, if you're vegan in Boston long enough, you're bound to end up at Grasshopper at some point. We went there for a few of our earlier dates. It's inexpensive, greasy vegan Chinese food, and sometimes that's what you really crave. Their appetizers are really great (most of them are deep fried, which is why they're so great), but most people who love Grasshopper love it for one particular dish: the No Name. The No Name is basically sweet-and-sour seitan, but their sauce is really good. Gluten-free people are in luck: they make a tofu version as well. However, night-shade free people are not so lucky; the sauce contains ketchup, so the No Name was out of the question for me.

Until! Vegan Yum Yum posted a recipe for Crispy Sweet and Sour Seitan, which is basically the recipe for No Name!
I made it with tofu, and replaced the tablespoon of ketchup with some tamarind. I was so happy to be able to have the No Name! I actually cut down a bit on the sugar, and it was still sweet enough for me... and my sweetie. ;)

(Sorry, I promise I won't be so sappy after this week.)

So thanks to Vegan Yum Yum for recreating the No Name!