Kevin's Chocolate Mousse

Vegan chocolate mousse is one of those recipes that, when you first go vegan, every non-vegan in your life sees in a magazine or on a blog or something and gives to you, thinking 1.) it has a block of tofu in it, so they're not going to use it but 2.) you must need it because you're vegan. I mean, we've all seen this recipe, right? One block of aseptic-pack tofu (like Mori Nu), almost equal parts (10 oz) melted chocolate chips, mayyyybe some vanilla or sugar as the recipe varies. It sounds so simple, and so tofu-y, that I felt insulted the maaaany times someone was like "Oh. you're vegan? I saw a chocolate mousse recipe you'll love." So even though I've seen it at least 20 times since going vegan in 2005, I never made it until a year or so ago, when I needed a quick dessert.
The recipe is so simple and ubiquitous that I don't think I need to write it out. When I make it, I skimp a little on the chocolate chips, and add a couple Tbsps cocoa powder and a touch of instant coffee. Both of those things make it richer and darker, though in that case I add a bit of soymilk and agave to help keep it from getting too bitter. Put in cute cups, leave in the fridge for an hour or two, and bam! Firm, rich chocolate mousse. This is a delicious, basic recipe that tastes way more involved than the sum of its parts. It makes you look like a good host(ess) instead of a lazy one! And the fiance loves it. He loves it so much, he wanted it instead of cake or cupcakes of cookies this year for his birthday!
I've been thinking of trying it with various liqueurs, too, for a little kick. Citrus zest would also be a nice touch.


coldandsleepy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha... I know exactly what you mean about recipes like that. For a while, my grandmother-in-law would clip out any recipe she saw in any publication that looked vegan to her and send it to me. It was sweet, but we're talking recipes out of the newspaper and like TV Guide or something... they were so funny and bad.

I have never made this style of chocolate mousse but... now I kind of want to.