Saturday Snack: Socca

Today is our wedding day! So obviously I wrote this post in advance. But wish us luck! The weather (two days ahead, when I'm writing this) is supposed to be "chance of rain."

I bought my wedding dress back in August, and it fit perfectly, off the rack, no alterations. Hooray! The only problem with a dress that fit absolutely perfectly was that if I gained any weight between August and today, I'd be really uncomfortable in my dress (and it would be too last-minute to alter it). So I've been trying to keep my white flour intake low the past couple months. Not really a problem; we always have whole grain toast in the mornings, and all our pasta is whole wheat. but I like to have something bready with some meals, and sometimes the co-op doesn't have any whole-grain bread in the bakery section. so to prevent myself from gobbling too much sourdough to fit into my dress, I've been making socca to go with our meals!
That's one's with sliced onion. I wrote an entry on socca a little while ago, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I love this flatbread-style chickpea pancake. It's been doing a great job replacing bread as a side for our meals.
It's just as filling, but this way I'm getting protein instead of empty carbs from white bread. And it's really tasty toasted the next day as a snack, too. So thanks, chickpea flour, for helping me avoid white flour this month!
And thanks to socca for being so delicious.

And hooray for our wedding day!