crispy apple-onion "turnovers"

While searching for fall recipes this afternoon, I found the Kitchn's recipe for Crispy Turnovers with Apple, Bacon, and Caramelized Onions. I was intrigued by the combination of apples and onions, and never one to be deterred by bacon in a recipe, I decided I could adapt it for us.

I didn't want to make puff pastry, and I'm trying to make more room in our freezer (it is filled BEYOND capacity with leftover wedding food!), so I dug out an old package of mostly-used-up filo dough we had in there. I halved the recipe to fit how little dough I had, and replaced the bacon with a tsp each of tamari and liquid smoke, plus a handful of chopped roasted pecans at the end for some extra fall flavor and protein.
So my recipe was actually very little like the one from the Kitchn, but it was delicious! We had it with a homemade cashew sour cream that I thinned with water and vinegar, and to which I added chives from our little garden. Even though they were small, with a side salad, one was filling enough for dinner.