taco party taco truck!

There are some good food trucks in Boston, but as a vegan with nightshade allergies, I often can't eat at any of them. So when earlier this week a coworker told me about plans to go to the Taco Party vegan taco truck today, I assumed I wouldn't be able to eat there, either. My coworker suggested I message them on facebook, since they're very active there, to see if there was anything for me... so I gave it a shot. They got back to me on the same day to inform me that the Seitan tacos (without the chipotle crema) and guacamole were safe for me.

So! To the vegan taco truck!
Awful/awesome puns in all the food names? YES PLEASE.

Tacos are $4 each and sides are $3, but you can get a "meal" of any 2 tacos and 1 side for $10. I got 2 Seitanthony tacos and a side of guacamole.
For 50 cents extra, you can get Daiya cheese on a taco--I tried one with and one without. I actually liked the one without Daiya better (less salty), but they were both good. Note that everything the taco truck makes is vegan, but in addition to Daiya, they do have the option of adding dairy cheese to a taco. (So there's some dairy on board, but you would have to specifically request it.)

My coworkers and I are talking about making the taco truck trip a weekly venture. If you live in the Boston area, I recommend doing the same!


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