appetite for reduction's baked falafel

Just a quick entry tonight, since I am so busy--work job is really picking up. I'm hoping I'll have time to write some substantial entries (with actual recipes, even) over the weekend, but in the meantime, a couple posts on some quick weeknight dinners... since quick weeknight dinners are all I have time for!

I have already written about my love for Appetite for Reduction's Baked Falafel recipe. I especially like it because it's a quick dinner, so I often make it on weeknights. ESPECIALLY if I can find whole wheat pita bread!
There's so much else in this falafel wrap that it's hard to find the falafel. I like falafel with either Isa's Green Goddess dressing (above; the recipe is also in Appetite for Reduction) or some kind of creamy (think Ranch) dressing, but a light tahini sauce is good too.


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