such a lazy dinner

For the most part, I try to make every meal a square meal. Especially since I started living with Kevin, I try to make sure that dinners are really well-rounded, because no matter what else we might have eaten (or not eaten) during the day, when we're together we can count on at least one healthy, nutritious meal.

But sometimes when Kevin isn't home, I make less-rounded meals, the kinds of lazy comfort foods I used to have more often back when I was single. These dishes usually involve large portions of chickpeas, or just grilled Daiya cheese sandwiches; they are usually beige and not at all photogenic. Kevin was out of town this whole weekend, so lazy dinners were on my mind:
Roasted broccoli with Daiya shreds and store-bought onion bread. Not the most healthy or square meal, but it just really hits the spot.


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