peanut curry furikake from just bento

I love rice. I have already established this fact many times on this blog, but in case you were left wondering: I love rice. I'll eat any kind of rice and be happy (though at home I prefer cook with brown basmati or brown jasmine rice). In college, I used to make rice as a snack and just stir in tamari and/or margarine: instant comfort food.

But as much as I love rice, sometimes it can use a little spicing up. This is where furikake comes in. Furikake is a dry assortment of seasonings you sprinkle on rice to add flavor. Gomasio is a type of furikake.

A quick, easy, and so-delicious-you-might-be-tempted-to-eat-it-with-a-spoon furikake that I found recently is Just Bento's Spicy Curry Peanut furikake.
Brown rice with the furikake,  steamed carrots, salad, and teriyaki tofu.
I left out the chili powder (and added a little black pepper) to keep it nightshade free. It's already gluten-free and vegan (some/most furikake have fish flakes, be careful with store-bought types!), and this recipe lasts for ages--weeks--in the fridge. Though if you're a big rice-eater like me, it will probably not be around that long...