rustic mango tart

A while ago we had houseguests coming over and were going to serve them dessert and drinks. We didn't have a lot of groceries in the house, but we did have a couple mangos, so I whipped together a rustic mango tart, figuring I'd use a simple pie crust recipe, chop and mix the mango with a bit of sugar and spices (I think powdered ginger?), and call it a day. Unfortunately, I was out of shortening for the crust, so I decided to try coconut oil. The crust was a little trickier to manage, but the taste went perfectly with the mango--so voila! A tropical-tasting, quick dessert.
There was even enough crust to put a little heart in the middle! <3 p="">


affectioknit said... Best Blogger Tips

YUM! Very pretty!...I love the little heart!

~Have a lovely day!