pho (and happy birthday, Mom!)

Today is my mother's birthday! Happy birthday, Mom!

Pho is one of those things I never think I'll like. "Noodles and barely-cooked vegetables soaking in broth? Give me a stir fry instead." But twice now, I have made pho just to see what the fuss is about, and both times I thoroughly enjoyed it! Obviously the ingredients you use play a big role in how it tastes, but the dish is simultaneously light and hearty, and different every time you make it.
The broth, I have been told, is the most important part of good pho. Since the whole point is to just toss everything into broth, the broth makes or breaks the dish! My favorite recipe so far is one from Emily Ho at the Kitchn. You char onion halves and ginger over an open flame (Kevin was afraid I'd burn myself when I did this over our gas stove, especially since our kitchen tongs weren't very cooperative in holding an entire half onion, but there were zero pho-related casualties!) before boiling them with spices and veggie stock. I think a top-quality veggie stock is in order here; I always use my own.

While I make the broth, I also cook noodles and chop the veggies that will go in. I just always use the veggies in my fridge, not really the ones in any recipe, but I do find necessary the lime and herbs (cilantro and/or basil and/or mint) to finish it. I also like to sauté up some sliced tofu in tamari, sesame oil, and whatever seasoning strikes my fancy, but you can go with just plain tofu if that sounds like too much work.
Same bowl, different pho

Put noodles in a bowl, top with the broth, add all your veggies, and you have tasty vegan pho!  I like eating it with chopsticks because then I can feel like I got it in a restaurant.

Here's something ridiculous, though: I never feel comfortable saying it out loud, since I worry it sounds like I'm swearing. (It's pronounced "fuh.")


Glue and Glitter said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum! I love pho, and I like your "whatever's in the fridge" take on making it!