Saturday Snack: molasses milk

A quickie Saturday Snack today, since I have a busy day ahead! One of my quick fixes for when I need a snack, especially if it's late at night, is simply stirring a tablespoon or so of molasses into soymilk (or whatever kind of "milk" I have around). The taste sort of reminds me of ovaltine, which I only had a few times when I was little but loved.
Depending on what brand you use, just one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses has 10-15% of your recommended daily amount of calcium, and 5-20% your recommended daily amount of iron, so it's good for you in addition to being really tasty.


Glue and Glitter said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh I love this! What a great way to sneak some extra protein and iron into your day. I've been trying to eat a tablespoon of molasses each day, and this looks like a much yummier way to do it than ever-so-slowly off the spoon.