comfort food for dinner

Almost every city/state has the reputation for being crazy drivers, so of course Boston is no exception. And anyone who bikes in the Boston area knows that our crazy drivers can make it difficult for cyclists. On his commute yesterday, my husband joined the ranks of those of us who have been hit by cars while cycling. He's okay, with just a few bruises and a sore rib cage, but I wanted to make him something hearty, comforting, and delicious for dinner to help make him feel better. I asked if he had an requests, and of course (because his idea of comfort food is wildly different from mine), he only requested "greens."

I made sure to grant that request, but I added a couple other favorites of his to the mix: tofu and gravy.
Breaded and fried tofu, mashed sweet potatoes, and gravy. The gravy is the Rich Brown Gravy from Julie Hasson's Vegan Diner, and I dredged the tofu in a combination of white flour and hazelnut meal. Tasty, filling, and most importantly, comforting for someone who's had a rough day.