Saturday Snack: starfruit!

Today's Saturday Snack is just a quick glimpse at a food I had always wanted to try:
Starfruit! It is also known as carambola, and is used most often in cuisines from the Asia-Pacific region. (Though this little guy was in the Latin American section of our grocery store, so. I guess it's pretty universal.) Starfruit is crisp and sweet, and the best way I can describe the taste is "tropical." You know how candies/juices/flavored things will be "tropical fruit flavored?" Well, starfruits taste like they're one of the flavors "tropical fruit flavor" is trying to copy.

Now that I've tried starfruit, and know it's available at our local grocery store, I'm going to look into recipes for cooking with it.


Bridget said... Best Blogger Tips

i've heard you shouldn't eat a ton of it as it can damage your kidneys. people with kidney issues totally should avoid it.