miso-maple sweet potato tacos with coconut-cilantro sauce

This entry is my 200th blog entry! 200! I have come a long way!

The bodega just steps away from our house sells packs of corn tortillas for a ridiculously low price, so whenever I get in the mood for some tex-mex-type food, I stop by and pick some up. The problem is that each pack contains like 6 million tortillas, and there are only so many taco nights I can put up with in the pursuit of using them up. I mean, I've also used them for enchiladas and daiya quesadillas, and even filled them with chocolate chips for dessert once, but you get tired of the same flavors all the time. And still, 50 unused tortillas greet me every time I open my fridge.

So I was psyched when I saw a recipe for Miso-Maple Sweet Potato Tacos with Coconut-Cilantro Sauce on the Kitchn. The combination of flavors is one I would never go for on my own, and it is a refreshing twist on taco night!
The miso-maple glaze is really delicious on the sweet potatoes. I found that it made EXACTLY enough for brushing the sweet potatoes and onions once, and was definitely enough flavor. The roasting took 30 minutes, exactly, which was enough time for me to get everything else ready. The sauce was easy, subtle and delicious. I found myself putting more than I expected on each taco. It has equal parts basil and cilantro; I don't know if I would've known it had cilantro in it at all if I hadn't made it myself. If you don't like cilantro, you can use parsley instead without changing the flavor very much.

We garnished with avocado, pepitas, more cilantro, and lime juice. This recipe is definitely going to make it into the weeknight rotation.

Now that I've found another delicious use for the tortillas, I think I'm ready to graduate up to the large packs of GORDITAS at the bodega. But guys, what can I do with gorditas? I need suggestions!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Those tacos sound fantastic! And it's national taco day

Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

These look so awesome!!!

miishmash said... Best Blogger Tips

I made these last night and they were SO DELICIOUS! Thanks for posting the recipe! I actually used all cilantro instead of cilantro/basil, and you can still barely taste it, which was kind of weird.