thanksgiving approaches. without pictures.

so you may be wondering, why hasn't vegetalion posted in a while?

BECAUSE MY SISTER STOLE MY CAMERA CABLE. The one that lets me upload pictures. And I like pictures. ALAS. it will be a photoless entry. My sister came to visit this weekend (the theft was an accident, by the way - it happened when she was packing to leave for home again), and brought with her a lovely diwali gift from my mother - Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! I have already made some cupcakes from it... but no pictures till later in the week. They'll be worth the wait.

I've seen/heard quite a few vegans hating on thanksgiving recently. Granted, it IS a terrible day for turkeys. And people gorge, especially on rich, unhealthy, unvegan foods. But I have been raised in a very veg*n-friendly environment, and the day is really about having our closest family members sit around our dining room table and talk and laugh, and eat and tell each other their secret ingredients. And then after dessert the adults slowly waddle out to the kitchen table to have tea and talk about all of the relatives and old friends whose names haven't been dropped recently, while the kids split off to play outside or in the cellar or video games upstairs. Hours roll on, and sometimes we break out Scrabble or Pictionary or family videos, and my relatives stay until the first one says, "how did it get to be 8:00?" And they all leave. I love my family, and I love food - the two together are magical.

Plus my mother is an amazing cook and is totally willing to make me vegan pie. ohhhhh the vegan pie.

That said, I don't want to trivialize the mass slaughter of turkeys that goes on for this holiday. Last night I watched the I Am an Animal: the story of Ingrig Newkirk and PETA, an HBO documentary that is totally worth watching no matter what your views on PETA. Though it was not at all the main focus, there was some appalling footage taken at the Butterball factory. Watching it made me think that most people don't ever consider that the basted shape in their ovens started out as a bird - nor do they think about the conditions under which it was raised, conditions to which they would probably object - if they thought about it.

I think hunting is wrong. I do not like or approve of hunting. But I can feel a certain degree of respect for a hunter who hunts for food, because s/he at least sees where their meat comes from, studies how it lives and is actively involved in the process from death to plate. I think the disconnect between food as it grows and food on one's plate is one of the biggest causes of our dietary and animal-rights related issues.

I don't know where I was going with that preachiness. See the documentary, though. And I'll post a Food post on or after thanksgiving, I promise.

oh EW and I tried the hachiya persimmon... it tasted okay but it was REALLY GRAINY, so that it felt like I had a mouth full of baby powder with each bite. I had to throw it out. Stick to the fuyu, people! gah...


Ashasarala said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought I was against Thanksgiving, but then I realized American tradition does not have to be followed. I am no fan of the bloody, violent history, nor am I a fan of what goes on in the bloody, violent factories. I hate the thought of over-eating as well. As my mum always said, 'Waste not, want not!'

But you're right- it is a good feeling to spend time with family. REAL quality time. I am against sitting at a table with a poor bird's roasted carcass dead center, but I am all for breaking bread with my family, chatting, hanging out, having a few drinks and a few laughs. Life is so short and if Thanksgiving is a perfect time for a family get-together (mostly because people get time off from work and school) then so be it!

VeggieGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

oh no!! sorry that your sister took your camera cable :0(

I feel the same way - the holidays are all about family time for me. my mom and I do all the cooking for each holiday event, and then we have about 20+ family/friends over to celebrate. and hey, I adopted a turkey, so at least ONE turkey's life has been saved!! :0)

I've never tried persimmons... I definitely won't try them now, haha.

bazu said... Best Blogger Tips

Hear, hear, I love what you have to say about thanksgiving, and people who have lost all sense of connection with their food, the conditions of farmed animals, etc. I'm also glad that you have such a cool, supportive family!

Oh NO! You are not supposed to bite into a Hachiya (?) persimmon until it's really really REALLY ripe- almost mushy, otherwise you'll get the gross taste that you did. Give the persimmon another try, and let it really ripen, ok?

vegetalion said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for teh advice, bazu - I'd heard that before - so I waited until it was all scrunchy and withery and had some pockmarks on it... I guess I should've held out longer.