more groceries, less cooking

My roommate and I went to super 88 market today, because I haven't been there enough in the past week. and we got:

there will be posts about most of these foods sometime in the future.

Went to Bagel Rising with some of the BVAers for lunch today, then roommate Michele had a dinner party tonight! She made a yellow thai curry with shrimp, but reserved a vegan portion for me:

My portion was also red-pepper free, but it was in a smaller, separate pot from this one and didn't photograph as well. And then we had haagen daas sorbets afterwards - not all of which are vegan, I will tell you (treacherous sorbets!), but the coconut IS and is delicious.

The moral of this story is: I have not cooked today. Although I made rice to go with mish's curry. So I leave you with a pretty little picture of soap suds in an olive oil bottle from when I was doing dishes.

I will write a VERY INTERESTING entry tomorrow. I promise.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet roommate you have! Coconut curry is sooo yummy :o).