Happy Diwali!

Today is Diwali! I didn't really do much to celebrate other than make mithais...

Carrot Fudge:

Carrots, soymilk, agave syrup, earth balance, some cashews. I'm playing with ratios, so no recipe yet.

I'm used to this being a pastel orange color, like sherbert - but since soy milk is not the same pristine white that milk is it's beigey. Next time I am going to try half soy, half coconut milk.

I also made a date roll that turned out to be SO HUMUNGOUS and unwieldy that I refuse to post a picture. but that was tasty, too.

AND since it was my last day at this particular temp job, I made COOKIES for my co-workers:

I was inspired by the pictures on what do vegans eat? of the post-punk kitchen's jam cookies, so I made my own. DELICIOUS. And everyone at work gobbled them down, almost spoling our appetite for SUSHI - my boss took us out to lunch in honor of my last day!

and then, to make it an even MORE festive diwali, I went out with two friends from the boston vegan association to My Thai Vegetarian Cafe and Bistro, where we ordered loads of food and shared it all - I LOVE hanging out with other vegans! and their german chocolate caramel coconut cake... INCREDIBLE. And then we wandered around super 88 market for while, because no night out is complete without ending up grocery shopping. A good night. ^_^



ChocolateCoveredVegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Mmm carrot fudge sounds both healthy AND decadent at the same time!

And oh wow, I simply MUST go to My Thai next time I'm in Boston.

Your coworkers are soooo lucky!

Rural Vegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Lucky coworkers indeed, those look great!