I'm clearly a celebrity. A celebrity full of turnips.

Look! I wrote a letter that the Weekly Dig published. It looks much less impressive on the website than it is in the magazine, I swear. So go get a copy (it's free). It's a bit of a long story - the Dig published a food compendium about where to eat around boston, and the boston vegan association co-founder eric prescott wrote a response. Some guy wrote a jerky response to eric's letter... so I responded. (As did eric, as you can see in the link.)

Anyway. Food. A couple nights ago, my roommate and I made miso soup with kale and mushrooms:

The best part about making a lot of this soup is that you can have it for breakfast the next day!

The tofu we used for this was Ithaca Soy tofu, which is such a small company that they don't have a website. You can't really get it too far from the source, but if you are EVER IN UPSTATE NY, (especially at my mom's natural food store ^_^ ) BUY THIS TOFU. It holds together better than any tofu I've ever used, and has a really nice, firm, chewy texture.

Also in tofu review, last night my roommate and I ate "Nature's Wonder Soya Sausage," which is also so obscure that i can't find a link to post here. I got it at Super 88 Market - it was a rather unappealing, lumpy log in the package, but we braved it anyway (it was organic and made of tofu - how could it go wrong?). We baked it with some spices sprinkled over top, and the skin hardened so it was sorta crispy. It was good!

The moral of this story is that, unlike what a seventh grader (who had never actually had tofu, it turns out) told me on tuesday, Tofu is Not Gross.

Also, I tried the pickled turnips - they were pretty good, but next time I think I'll blanch the shavings first - still a little too crunchy.

and I still have about 50million turnips and rutabagas in my fridge. More turnip recipes soon. Maybe I'll do ONE HUGE turnip entry. and then no more turnips for me - I'm afraid of turning into one!