fruit is so pretty

I like to start my day with fruit. and when I'm not in a blur of a hurry throwing my stuff together for work, I remember to take pictures.

persimmons, in a sexy soft-focus.

the one on the left is a fuyu persimmon, which you eat when it's firm, like a tomato. The one on the right is a hachiya, which have to get basically so soft they seem rotten before they're sweet enough to eat.

Here's a fuyu:

They look so much like tomatoes that they're a little scary for me to eat. But tasty!

My mother and brother often complain all I ever eat is asian food. And looking over my blog... I see how someone could make that claim. But I eat a variety of foods! In fact, I had a very continental day the other day. A huge pesto pasta (no pictures), thanks to the fresh pesto my roommate made, and then:

Stuffed Button Mushrooms

this is not a great picture. But they were good. Quite savory and garlicky. I'm still refining my ideal stuffed mushroom recipe... so I won't post a recipe. I've tried some from christina pirello's cooking with whole foods, which were okay, and adapted this one from dreena burton's everyday vegan to be nightshade- and gluten-free (used chopped walnuts and mashed rice as a grain/binding agent). But I'm not satisfied yet. I'll keep you posted.

(oh snap! "post"ed. ha!)

my sister's visiting this weekend. my thai for dinner tonight, veggie planet for brunch tomorrow (vegan waffles!!!).


bazu said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooooh, I love your sexy persimmons! You've reminded me that I haven't had any this year yet- this shall be fixed!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Nothing wrong with always eatin' Asian food :O)

I'm so lazy-- I eat the chestnuts straight up; pop 'em in my mouth like candy.

Shananigans said... Best Blogger Tips

I can never decide if I like persimmons, I think I like the flavor but something about the texture is just a little off-putting to me. It's kind of weird how tomato-like they are for not being anything close to a tomato (botanically, that is).

I usually make a pesto filling for my mushrooms, with spinach, basil, cilantro, olive oil with whatever seasonings sound good (nutritional yeast, dried thyme, pepper, etc.) and maybe some puts. Pine nuts are my favorite. I usually thicken with bread crumbs, but of course you could use rice or any other gluten-free grain. Good luck in your quest for the ideal stuffed mushroom recipe, they're good eats for sure.

Ashasarala said... Best Blogger Tips

All this talk about persimmons. How come I've never heard of them or even seen them anywhere? :;pout::