"what to do with..." wednesday

When I have an ingredient I don't know how to use (or am tired of the ways I normally do), my first  solution is to check my cookbooks. But I'm already pretty familiar with most of my cookbooks, so they usually host the recipes I'm tired of in the first place. My next step is to google "____ recipes" or "what to do with ____." This works pretty well for me, and I've found some cool new recipes that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

But one nice thing about VeganMoFo is that there are so many more people reading up on vegan blogs, so, dear readers, on Wednesdays of this month I'd like to hear what YOU like to do with certain ingredients. Because I am out of ideas!

So my first question of the month... What To Do With Cranberry Maple Syrup?
We got a lovely bottle of cranberry-infused maple syrup from the farmer's market a while back, and so far the only things I can think to do with it are to use it as pancake topping and as a drizzle for squash. I don't really eat enough pancakes/waffles/squash to use up the bottle this way, and I'm afraid baking with it will take away the cranberry flavor. What would you do with it?


Desdemona said... Best Blogger Tips

Maybe include it in a glaze for tofu, or roasted vegetables?

Sarah P said... Best Blogger Tips

@Desdemona A TOFU GLAZE IT IS! That sounds great!