what to do with dukkah?

Dukkah is a Middle Eastern seasoning, made of spices, seeds, and nuts. My mother and I once saw it used as a spice rub on a cooking show, and I copied the recipe.
This is like 1/4 cup of dukkah.
It's made mostly of coriander seeds, sesame seeds, and hazelnuts, with cumin seeds, black pepper, and salt to finish out the flavor. The seeds and nuts are toasted, and it all gets ground together, resulting in a blend with a delicious aroma.

But now I have a lot of it, and few ideas. I know I can use it as a spice rub for tofu/tempeh, etc. I originally made the recipe to use as a dry dip for roasted radishes. You can also use it as a dip for bread (after dipping the bread in oil). But that's all I've got; I need your help, internet! How would you use dukkah?