pasta tossed with cashew ricotta

The Cashew Ricotta recipe is probably my favorite recipe from Veganomicon. At the very least, it's the one I make the most often. I use it for lasagnas and baked ziti, and, at my mother's suggestion, a vegetable dip for parties. It is always a huge hit, and no omnivore (even my most meat-obsessed friends) has ever balked at it being made from tofu.

It also makes a simple meal tossed with pasta (and, if you think of it, extra garlic and basil!
Above, tossed with extra basil and avocado, served with salad. Below, tossed with shredded yellow zucchini and carrots, served with grilled portobellos and crispy sage leaves.
It's a little blurry because I moved while I was taking the picture... and didn't notice until after I ate the whole thing. Oops!

My first day of fall semester teaching is tomorrow. Wish me (and my students) luck!


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