belated vegan pizza day pizza

Vegan Pizza Day was on the 29th! I missed blogging about it because I was in New York City visiting some friends, so here is a picture of some pizza in belated honor of vegan pizza day!
Toppings are onions (I love onions on pizzas); a cheese sauce made from tofu, miso, and nutritional yeast; and pepperoni-flavored carrots, a variation on my zucchini pepperoni. Guys, let me tell you, zucchini works a lot better than carrots for this recipe! Carrots are way less absorptive. They tasted good, though not much like pepperoni. Anyway the whole vegetable pepperoni thing is just to put some extra veggies on my pizza without compromising on salty-smoky flavors.


affectioknit said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy pizza...I'll have to try your zucchini slice pepperoni too - that looks amazing!

trina said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally blew it on vegan pizza day, though I inadvertently celebrated the day before and the day after. I love your vegetable pepperoni - such a good idea!