a breakfast post

I was just thinking to myself, you know, self, it has been a while since I have written a breakfast post. And then I realized that's totally wrong, since my previous post starts off with me making brunch. And the post before that includes oatmeal. And the post before that is about grits. And the post -- well, you get it.

You may be under the impression that I like breakfast food as much as I like cupcakes*. THIS IS TRUE. But I am not a morning person and getting to work on time is daunting even on the best of mornings, so my weekday breakfast is almost always the same thing: flax/raisin bran cereal with soy yogurt and soymilk, and a banana. I will never take a picture of this breakfast because it is appallingly beige by the time I'm through mushing it all together. WeekdayMorning Vegetalion cannot be bothered with making her food look good. But even WeekdayMorning Vegetalion gets bored with the same thing every day. So sometimes I forgo the banana and try other fruit:
Like Korean Melon! It sorta tastes like honeydew, but a little crisper. And so cute!

Sometimes, to keep with my mushy, beige weekday morning theme, I make oatmeal instead of cereal. You have seen my Coconut Cashew Kiwi oatmeal.
(Look at the time! almost late for work, and yet taking pictures for this blog? that is true devotion, dear readers. I like "dear readers" because it is nearly a palindrome.)

And once in a GREAT while, I branch out and try other cereals or new foods. Like Chia Goodness, a chia seed "cereal" that has buckwheat groats and hemp seeds for extra protein.
Have you all noticed the recent popularity of chia seeds? They are apparently very good for you, but they lodge themselves in one's teeth and also get sorta congealed like flax seeds. Plus all I can think, while I'm eating them, is of the Chia Pet commercial jingle. "Ch-ch-ch-chia!" It is an odd way to start off one's day.
Here's a close-up:

But as you've seen in other entries, I do actually make breakfast food that isn't mushy or weird. WeekEND Morning Vegetalion loves exciting breakfast foods. And my boyfriend is even more obsessed with brunch food. So this last picture is not something I made, but a culinary experiment he made for me.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted french toast or waffles for brunch. He suggested both. We can't have both, I said. He suggested we combine them and make some sort of hybrid French Toast Waffle thing.

It will never work, I said, and left the kitchen to call my mother.

I was wrong!
(For comparison, the French Toast Waffles are on the left (you can see the batter splatter); normal waffles are on the right.)

He made waffles, then dipped them into a french toast batter (I think it was just soymilk and cinnamon? maybe some sugar?) and fried them like French Toast in vegan margarine. I thought they were DELICIOUS; he thought they were too much work. They're definitely something WeekdayMorning Vegetalion could never pull off, but WeekEND Morning Vegetalion looooved them ^_^

* - Speaking of which, there have been blessed few cupcakes on this blog recently, and yet a great many cupcakes in my kitchen and/or belly. I will remedy this soon.


VeggieGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I always love your breakfast posts; and ALL of your posts!! I hope to see you posting more often, if you have the chance :0)

I saw that Chia breakfast cereal product at Whole Foods yesterday!

Ruby Red Vegan said... Best Blogger Tips

French toast waffles?! Fried like French toast?! Whoaaa, that's awesome. Hahaha, I would have said the same thing as you -- no, we cannot have both waffles and French toast. But it can be done, it can be done! :) The cashew-kiwi oatmeal is looking delish as ever, too.

And poo on those beige meals. Even if they taste excellent. Because then you can never write a blog post about them unless you're willing to do the "they were amazing, I promise!" little protest. Sigh.

Judy's Nutrition said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha I love this post! Just today I was telling my boyfriend how much I love breakfast, and that I believe it to be my favourite meal of the day. I have heard a lot about chia seeds, but I've not tried them yet. And those waffles look delicious.