starting off the new year right

...with cupcakes!
One of my coworkers has a birthday today, so I took the turn of providing refreshments: a redux of the pretty little almond cupcakes I made last month.

They're from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, the "basic vanilla cupcake" but with almond extract.
Fresh out of the oven. Pretty - or menacing? An army of cupcakes! For some reason whenever I see a bunch of cupcakes grouped together I get "confessions" by the violent femmes stuck in my head:
Have we got an army
man I mean to tell you we can fight
have we got an army
and we're gonna do it tonight
Cupcakes are great on their own, but when they travel in packs... watch out ^_^

Dear Reader, I have to confess, I took the easy way out. For the first time in my life, I bought frosting instead of making it.
But it wasn't just any frosting! I got it at the butcherie, which sounds like the place least likely to have many vegan options, but it's not a building full of meat. It's a kosher grocery store not far from where I live, so there are loads of tofutti products and fake meats in addition to israeli foods I've never heard of or seen. And this is a sort of vegan, nut-free nutella. So I had to try it, right?
It was pretty decent, and easy to spread.

So then to decorate!
I still have marzipan in my freezer, so I mixed it with a bit of juice from a beet that's been wrinkling away in my fridge (food coloring's for chumps) and played around with shapes.
I think this is maybe a little too cute, even for me.

Seriously, though, don't these things look like they could beat you up? Don't mind the pink flowers. They're a vicious gang. They're totally about to start snapping their fingers and then launch into a west-side-story-style dancefight.


VeggieGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

how lucky your co-worker is, to get to enjoy these beautifully-frosted almond cupcakes!! wow, who knew that a butcherie could be the place to find frosting? :0)

Vegan_Noodle said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the little pink flowers! So cute :-) So would you use that frosting again?

Ashasarala said... Best Blogger Tips

Where is this butcherie? I'd love to go check it out! :)

And the frosting is only 'sorta' vegan? :*( I was all excited to try it out and everything. Boo.

Nevertheless, they look delicious and cute. And intimidating. ;)

vegetalion said... Best Blogger Tips

ashasarala: oh no, the frosting is 100% vegan, I just mean it's a sort of nutella.

the butcherie is on Harvard St, a few doors down (towards commonwealth) from My Thai. Check it out! (go out to dinner before/after? and let me know ^_^ )

vegan noodle: It's not bad, and I still have loads of it, so yeah, I'd use it again, but I'm still embarassed about buying my frosting, so I probably won't do it much after this ^_^;