What I Don't Eat: Part I

This is deadly nightshade. It's... deadly.
Nightshades are a family of flowering plants. Not all members of the nightshade family are deadly, but all contain varying amounts of a powerful alkaloids called Solanine. Solanine is poisonous, but occurs in such small amounts in edible nightshades that most people can eat them without experiencing any problems. I am one of those poor souls who can't eat nightshades. I'm too sensitive to the Solanine.

So what are edible nightshades? What can't I eat?




I KNOW. A vegan who's allergic to vegetables? It's a tragedy. I LOVE all those foods, too, and for a while I was able to tolerate them in small amounts... but now the smallest amount I can manage is when I have spicy (ie, contain hot pepper) foods. So no french fries, no tomato soup, no ratatouille or roasted red peppers... sniffle.

The recipes you will see on this blog (and I will put up recipes soon) will not contain nightshades... except maybe the occasional sprinkling of cayenne. I can't help it! I love spicy things.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I just discovered your blog by doing a search for vegan gulab jamun. I'm happy to find a vegan and nightshade-free blog. I'll have to add it to my RSS feed.