Sugar kick!

I went out for falafel last night with some friends, which meant I had no leftovers to pack for lunch today. I was running late this morning, so instead of being inventive I threw together a peanut butter sandwich.

But my boss took me out to lunch today! We went to a thai place called the Brown Sugar Cafe, where our waitress was really helpful in regards to figuring out what menu items were vegan. (I had spring rolls and a thai basil stir fry, in case you're wondering, with the best tea EVER... it was orange in color, but I have no idea what it was.)

I finished work STARVING and with no idea what to make for supper. UNTIL I remember my poor dejected sandwich. I stopped at Whole Foods for some fruit - just fruit, I told myself, and ended up splurging on the long-coveted temptation strawberry soy ice cream. I mean, it has fruit in it, right?

Got home and threw together:

Grown-Up PB&J with Red Fruit Salad

DELICIOUS... I couldn't stop myself from taking a bite out of the sandwich before I took a picture ^_^; I'm not going to post a recipe, because all I did was grill the sandwich and add more peanut butter... and strawberries! The fruit salad is pomegranates, strawberries, and banana, with a dollop of strawberry soy yogurt on top.

I definitely prefer to eat pomegranate straight from the fruit, rather than have to pull all the seeds out myself. So much work!

As if that wasn't enough sugar, I wanted to try that ice cream. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed. When I tried it, I tasted more Peach than Strawberry. At first I thought my tastebuds were screwy, but then I read the ingredients... natural peach flavors. gah... I don't really like peach-flavored things. So this flavor was not a big hit. (The Cookie Dough one is really good, though.)

I melted some dark chocolate and soymilk together to make a quick fudge sauce, which made all my problems go away:

It started to melt into the sauce, so I had to eat it quickly!

tomorrow my mother's coming to visit me, and she doesn't really like sweet things, so I'll be healthier then.


Spencer! said... Best Blogger Tips

you are so cool!

Jess H. said... Best Blogger Tips

hellloo sarah. liz-from-baltimore used that orange tea in a bunch of her paintings two summers ago, i'm sure she could tell you what it was!