more end-of-summer stuff... and vegan mofo!

October is coming quickly! This is a little stressful for me, but also really great, because we're getting married next month! And going on a honeymoon! And I'm still signing on for the Vegan Month of Food, aka Vegan MoFo!
For those of you who are new to the idea of Vegan MoFo, bloggers sign up to post as much as they can throughout the designated month. For a lot of us, that means we're going to try to post every day! I'm already a little overwhelmed at the thought, but I've been a slacker with blogging since the start of summer, so it'll be good to have a reason to force myself to update more.

Summer got away without me ever doing a hot-weather-snacks post. I was obsessed with popsicles this year, and have a few to write about. I guess popsicles can be an any-time-of-year food, right, as long as you eat them indoors? Another thing I think of as a warm-weather snack, but something that could really be enjoyed year-round is bubble tea!
I've already written about Dado, our favorite Boston (Cambridge) bubble tea place, in my post on vegan eating in Boston. It's our favorite bubble tea place! They have soy milk available instead of milk, or you can have it with no "milk," and they let you specify no sugar. The fiance likes Thai tea (on the right) or black tea; I usually mix it up. Their matcha-mint tea is good, as is jasmine (which will ALWAYS be my favorite tea flavor), and Earl Grey seems well-suited for bubble tea. Yum!

Annnnd since summer's really over, I'm almost out of flower pictures to show you, especially with the first frost on its way. But I still have a couple bouquets left to report on from my flower share! This is one big bouquet:
There were too many flowers to fit in my vase, so like last week, I had to divide it up.
Those gladioli were SO gorgeous. And long-lasting, too!
Whatever that red flower is, it is NOT long-lasting. Or maybe it just didn't last long because the cats kept trying to attack it?
Sigh. I'll miss you around the house, fresh flowers.


Bridget said... Best Blogger Tips

yay wedding! where are you going for your honeymoon?

Sarah P said... Best Blogger Tips

@Bridget New Orleans! I'm so excited; I've wanted to go there since I was 14 and read lots of Anne Rice. (I promise the reasons I want to go there no longer include Anne Rice.)