"food from literature" entry will be a little late this month

During the first week of each month, I like to post an entry that features food from literature. This month, however, it will have to be a little late. You see, I read Great Expectations, and was excited to veganize the traditional Victorian English fare Dickens mentions, especially the pork pie that Pip steals right in the beginning. And then I found out what a Victorian Pork Pie would actually consist of, and it grossed me out too much. Even the thought of a veganized version is unappetizing. I'll either come up with something else from the book (other foods mentioned: mince meat, chicken baked in parsley and butter... nothing too interesting to veganize), or use another book for this month. Either way, the entry will be a bit late.

In the meantime, I will be struggling to get the thought of "pork jelly" out of my head.


Végébon said... Best Blogger Tips

Animal-related products can be so gross...
Mincemeat pies might be good because I think they are usually baked for Christmas.
I look forward to read you anyway :).