I just realized that as of yesterday I have had this blog for a year. Man, I missed my own anniversary! if I'd thought ahead I could've done a commemorative post, but now, on the spot, I can't think of something to post that is representative of my first year's attempts at vegan blogging.

What represents this blog, I thought? Something pretty and classy? Something innovative and interesting? Something complex? Something bizarre and/or frightening? Something with chickens or carved, glowing turnips?

No, I thought. This will have to be a pictureless post. And then suddenly, it hit me. They're a little weird. They're a little sweet, a little salty. They are interesting. And I love them! They are... PICKLES.
But not just any pickles! Exciting pickles from the nearby Babushka Deli. The jar on the left is pickled celery (which is just celery, salt, sugar, and vinegar), and on the right, pickled summer squash (patty pans), pictured in front.

So happy 1 year, everyone. Thank you very much for reading my blog, and I hope you continue to do so!


VeganView said... Best Blogger Tips

I just came across your blog and really like it! I must try your tofu quiche and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ;)

VeggieGirl said... Best Blogger Tips


shaun.marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that deli, and I loooove pickles!

We definitely need to meet up again soon. Possibly before this - but will you be attending vegfest?

Liz² said... Best Blogger Tips

congratulations! also, that is the weirdest pickle I have ever seen. awesome!!

Ruby Red Vegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy 1 year! You rock!

Hehe, yay for pickles too!