no recipes, but lots of pictures. It's a fair trade.

I've been making lots of stuff from cookbooks these days, so while I don't have any recipes for you today, I DO have some pretty pictures!

In approximate order of healthiness:
Golden Squash Rings from christina pirello's cooking the whole foods way (yum!).

One of my favorite scrambled tofu recipes: Garam Masala Tofu from 101 cookbooks.

Quinoa from eat, drink and be vegan.

Blueberry Carob pancakes from... vive le vegan? One of Dreena Burton's cookbooks.

Cashew butter cupcakes from vegan cupcakes take over the world.

Toasted coconut cupcakes from the same.

Dulce Sin Leche cupcakes, pre-glazing, from -- you guessed it. Nothing will replace the lychee cupcake in my heart, but these came close.

Also, apparently if one leaves a kiwi next to garlic for about a week and then eats said kiwi for breakfast, it will taste a little garlicky and garlicky kiwi will put one a bit off one's breakfast. Just thought I'd let you all know.


VeggieGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

It's DEFINITELY a fair trade, since you always post such tantalizing photos of equally-tantalizing food!! I seriously cannot pick a favorite.

A garlicky-tasting kiwi can result, eh?? Now I LOOOOVE garlic and kiwi, but definitely NOT together; so I'll keep that tip in mind, for sure!! Thanks!! :0)

evestirs said... Best Blogger Tips

What sort of sauce is on the Golden Squash Rings?

tofufreak said... Best Blogger Tips

mmm! beyond fair! everything looks way way way too good!

haha garlic kiwi--how odd!

Judy said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy cupcakes. Is that the teriyaki quinoa from EDBV? If so I love that stuff!

Rural Vegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooo, can I have one of those coconut cupcakes?? Even the idea of a garlicky kiwi fruit does not deter me from wanting one of those cupcakes!

frederic said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh yum... Andrea made a batch of those Dulce Sin Leche cupcakes a few months ago.